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'I have only recently become a client of Jaqueline but through her mindfulness meditation techniques I have already seen a big benefit. I suffer from stress and anxiety and she has given me the tools to help deal with it.'



'I found Jacqueline’s direct approach very refreshing. In our first few sessions I had some major realisations. I would recommend her to anyone.'


'I was quite happy with how sessions went, you helped me with listening to what I had to say & providing some points of feedback/explanation that I could use to improve going forward.'



'I am genuinely grateful for the journey I have embarked on with Jacqueline. From the very beginning, she created an atmosphere of trust that allowed me to open up and share my deepest thoughts and emotions without hesitation. This sense of trust has been instrumental in my progress and healing. Moreover, I constantly feel safe and supported during our sessions, which has been incredibly comforting as I navigate various challenges in my life. What truly sets her apart is her ability to not only listen attentively but also to become a genuine sounding board, offering valuable insights and guidance that have helped me gain a better perspective on my issues. Her empathy, expertise, and commitment to my well-being have made a positive impact on my mental health journey.'


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